India offers large opportunities to international operators in footwear, leather goods and leather garments : important production infrastructure also for tanneries and components, long time tradition, flexible suppliers that can offer a personalized and "handmade" look, abundance of qualified labour at low cost, ample knowledge of English language.

With its experience and  widespread presence throughout India, Gusto Footwear has developed an in-depth knowledge of suppliers, and can suggest the most solid and reliable. Gusto has also identified and utilises the best solutions to prevent all the issues related to the coordination of production, quality assurance and respect of planned deliveries. With the possibility of design and pattern making in Italy, and with the knowledge and contact with the best Indian manufacturers of materials and components, Gusto helps its clients  to resolve all issues related to product development.

Gusto Footwear puts its professional experience at your service to exploit at best the opportunities , minimizing risks and issues.