Gusto Footwear

Sourcing in India, an Opportunity.

The Group's experience

Gusto Footwear comes from the long international experience of a team that " has operated in Italy, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Asia, in Product Development, Sourcing and Technical Support, for the best producers, brands and retailers in Europe and North America.

Gusto Footwear for its clients

Gusto Footwear puts its experience and professionality at the service of footwear and leather goods producers, distributors, brands and retailers, that wish to utilise at best the opportunities offered by the Indian production market.

Problem solver in India

India , with over 2 Billion pairs , is the second largest producer and exporter of footwear and leather, but can present also risks and difficulties. Gusto Footwear prevents and solves all problems related to production in India.

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